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With Alto Credit, you have options to choose the services that work best for you! That’s how confident we are that our services can help you. And it gets even better! When you sign up for our services, you’ll have your own, personal Credit Adviser who will provide you with credit and budget advice. At no extra cost. Continue reading to discover all of the benefits of our services.

Credit Audit

You don’t have to try to find all of the errors on your credit reports by yourself. We offer a detailed, professional investigation of your credit reports from all three credit bureaus in our Credit Audit. There are more than 20 details in every account that must be 100% accurate according to Federal regulations. If even one detail can’t be verified, the account must be removed. Our credit experts use their training and expertise to find as many probable errors as possible.

Comprehensive Report
Credit Report Analysis
Debt Ratio Review
Identify areas of improvement

Credit Repair Services

Do you have late payments on one or more of your credit reports? We will contact the credit bureaus and your creditors to insist that they remove any late payments that cannot be verified as completely accurate. Late payments are common, and may be due to:

Incorrect Date of Birth
Removal of Ex-spouse Accounts
Inaccurate Reporting
Outdated Telephone Numbers
Previous Employment Records
Computer Error
Inaccurate or Mispelled Names
Incorrect SS Number

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In this free, easy-to-read guide, we explain the steps we take to help our clients get real results. There are no strings attached. We only want to help answer your questions so you can make the best decision to enhance your financial freedom


We Help Remove Derogatory Items Such As


Collection accounts can seem impossible to challenge, but you may not know what rights you have. Before you choose to pay a collection, make sure that they provide proper validation and are able to prove the account is yours. Furthermore, even if the credit bureaus are reporting what they’ve been told accurately, the collection agencies may not be complying with the law.

Public Records

When lenders see public records on your credit reports, they take it as a sure sign that you’re a high risk. They may deny you or charge you much higher interest rates. Courthouses do not report to the credit bureaus directly, so ensuring that you get the proper documentation to remove these accounts are important.

Charge Offs

A charge-off occurs when your account goes over 180-past due and the creditor has closed your account. The creditor will then “charge off” the account as a loss and forward it to collections. However, a charged-off account on your credit report must still be 100% accurate and verifiable.


Having your vehicle repossessed is humiliating and damaging enough. You should not have to suffer potentially inaccurate reports of the repossession, too.


Initial Setup Fee $199 (payments as low as)
$55/per deletion
  • We will work on removing accounts. After the account is deleted or repaired on your credit, we will invoice you the balance due. You can pay in installments too.
  • $55 each Account repaired or deleted/ per bureau
  • $25 each inquiry removed
  • $125 each Public Record removed / per bureau

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