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No Credit? No problem.

It can be very challenging to build new positive credit when you do not have credit already. This makes it difficult to get approved unless your credit scores are already in the 600's. We know how to get you reporting positive credit right away. Additionally, we can backdate 24 months rental reporting to boost your scores quickly. VISIT OUR CREDIT BUILDERS >

Accounts That Typically Affect Your Scores


Student Loans


Late Payments

repossessed car



late payments

Charge Offs

Personal Info.

Lets review your credit reports to point out the damaging errors together. Start today with no money out of pocket.

We will challenge those damaging errors together and keep you updates on the results. Bureaus are required to Delete all inaccurate and unverifiable accounts.

You can cancel any time. We work to earn your business every month. Your advisor team will communicate with you regularly and spend time aligning your credit goals. .

How we help

We have a team of credit advisors waiting to answer all your questions.

Free Credit Review

We will review your most recent credit reports to determine if you are a good fit for credit repair. While doing so, we will identify any questionable or inaccurate items and form a plan of action for you to begin improving your credit right away.

Strategy and action plan

We will investigate every detail of your credit accounts and items, provide you a detailed breakdown of your negative items, and work with you to plan out your personal strategy for strengthening your credit and boosting your credit scores.

Regular Coaching Calls

We will file customized disputes with the credit bureaus, your creditors, and collection agencies on your behalf. We will also handle responses and accelerate the process for you as needed, using advanced credit dispute tactics.

We are on a mission.

Everyone deserves to be treated like a person. Everyone deserves the best chance to pursue their life goals and dreams. No one should be held back bad credit that may be unverifiable. Those beliefs drive and guide everything we do at AltoCredit.

Our compassionate, motivated credit professionals are dedicated to helping people and families from all backgrounds improve their lives by improving their credit. We accomplish this together with you through credit repair, education, and guidance. If you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, we’re here to help you.


Improve Your Credit, Improve Your Life

Our team of professional credit advisors is here to help you gain control over your finances. We advocate on your behalf to get unverifiable items removed from your credit history while helping you strengthen your financial profile. Better credit can help you qualify for:

  • A new or better mortgage rate
  • Auto loan or refinancing
  • Getting approved for solar
  • Personal loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Personal and retail credit
  • Get approved for business credit
  • A new job or promotion
  • Apartment approvals
  • Start a business
  • Lower utilitiyy and phone bills
  • better rates on insurance
  • lower monthly payments
  • No document approvals for personal lending products.
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