“AltoCredit really helped me clear my credit, within 90 days I had zero debts on my
report. The process was easily explained by Amus who’s not only very knowledgeable in
the field of credit and finance, he was also always available, day or night, to answer any
questions or concerns I had. That in itself is a plus, the other companies I’ve dealt with
in the past work regular hours. You as the client will put some work in, usually just
forwarding any letters you receive throughout the process, but it’s a small price to pay
to have an opportunity to have credit again. At first I was surprised by the pricing, since
most other credit repair agencies (the legit ones at least), are a lot more expensive. I
was absolutely blown away when I received the call at 9pm just 90 days after first
signing up for the service, Amus had informed me to take a look on the site, pull my
report, and there it was, CLEAN! No delinquencies, negative reports, nothing at all. The
very next day I applied for credit and for the first time in a long time I was approved
within seconds. AltoCredit came highly recommended to me from a good friend, and I’m
recommending them to anyone who needs to have their credit repaired, or at the very
least have a consultant from this company take a look and see how they could help you.
The professionalism, knowledge level of the field, availability and overall service
rendered to me was outstanding!
Thank You AltoCredit (Amus)”

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